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Introducing: WTF Google? of the Week!

I’m sure you’ve already discovered the mine of hilarity that ensures when you begin to type a query into Google’s search engine. It will provide a list of popular suggestions to finish your thought for you. Often, these suggestions are… well, off the mark.

I’ve come across too many of these gems to just let them fall by the wayside anymore and so we have WTF Google? of the Week!

You’re welcome.




. . . of my rabbit, Sheldon.

And also, in the style of one of my very favorite blogs, Hyperbole and a Half, of me!

And last, a cartoon I drew of the first thing I thought of after reading an article about Connecticut potentially adopting a nickel tax on plastic bags. The quote that started it all came out of Senator Edward Meyer’s mouth, “[P]lastic bags … are really hostile to a good environment.”

PS- I’m a total copycat, and after half-assing my way through drawing my doofus self-portrait as well as Sheldon, I am currently working on a cartoon of an episode BunnyBunny and I shared a few nights ago. It might take a while.


Hello world!

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First post! Let me start it by saying that the stars of this blog are as follows:

Sheldon: Lovable, fluffy, smooshy, adorable, cantankerous, easily offended bunny with a constant case of the munchies.

Luke: Also lovable, not as smooshy or fluffy, adorable especially when cranky which is typical, unintentionally too funny offspring of blog author.

Michelle: Lovable, fluffy, smooshy, adorable, funny, only sometimes cranky blog author.

Boyfriend: Rick. Teddy bear when relaxed but grizzly bear when enraged.

Mom: Mom. Saint of Saints.

Dad: Dad. Provider and teller of the best deadpan jokes you’ll ever hear.

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